Two New Projects

I need new projects like I need a hole in the head. My mom used to say that phrase alot and I find myself saying it more and more. Does that mean I'm turning into my mom?

I have discovered something. I LOVE Little House designs. I was never exposed to them until the LNS opened up two years ago, and even then it took quite a while for me to get hooked on them. But over the last six or eight months, it seems like everything that I buy is LHN. They are simple designs. They are pretty quick stitches. I saw this one at the LNS when I was there for the get together a few weeks ago. It's called "Necessities Sampler". I decided to do it on tea dyed fabric. The fabric is already dyed and the flosses have all been pulled. I just have to sit down to get started on it.

I saw this one in the shop while I was on the phone with MJ. I just happened to look over and that little panda caught my eye. You know that I can't turn down a panda, now can I? I thought it would be great to make if there any little babies in our family's future.
So, this one will sit and wait until someone little punkin comes along.
The rain finally stopped here and the sun is out. I'm waiting for M to get himself ready so that we can go out for a bicycle ride. Z has a gymnastics exposition tonight and he's really looking forward to that. He really wants to play soccer in the fall, but I'm hoping that he's want to stick with the gymnastics.
Have a good weekend.


tkdquintmom said…
Panda? Did you say panda? I have that one in my stash would be a cute floss tag! hint hint. I really enjoy CC and LHN. They are both pretty quick designs, I just wish my house was more primitive for more of them.
WildcatGrrl said…
None of us need new projects. We can't help it, LOL!
LoriRay said…
There's nothing wrong with buying new stash. :) Congrats and enjoy!

Hey, we have two things in common -- I'm turning into my mom, too, and I also am falling more for LHN's stuff. *hee hee*

Last night I ordered LHN's "Traveling Stitcher". See? There is no help for us. Just embrace and it go with it, woman! LOL
Love the BC piece and the panda's cute but what about those gators?! The whole thing is darling. Have a good weekend!
Gabi said…
The 2 new designs are lovely. I especially love the Little House Needlwork chart. I'm a fan of that designer too.
Sarah said…
Hope you have fun tonight!!! Be sure to post some pictures. :)
Ranae said…
That's what I am thinking of myself, I am turning into my mom,lol
I like your two new charts.
I love LHN!!

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