Kindergarten Screenings

Z starts kindergarten in September and this morning was his kindergarten screening. Each kid was given a 45 minute time slot, but they were running quite a bit behind schedule and I was there for nearly two hours. Yikes! Good thing I didn't have any other plans this morning. He did well, although they say he has some articulation issues. I could have told them that! I've been trying to get him speech help since he was two years old. I think, finally, they will give him speech. I've been asking for speech for three years and I won't really find out until September if they will give it to him, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

As for my stitching, I I have no pictures, but I can report that I finished page 11 of my sampler! Woo hoo!! I now have less than half of the sampler left with only 9 pages to go. I was looking thought my stash to see if I had a pattern for a small panda that would make a good cupcake and I found one! I had this tiny kit that was supposed to be an ornament, but it looks to be the perfect size to finish this way. I'm so excited!


tkdquintmom said…
A cupcake Panda???? Hmmmm you have my attention! LOL...that would make a cute pincushion. And no....that box is not on it's way to you yet. :-)
LoriRay said…
I hope Z can get speech help if he hasn't improved on his own before September. I'll say a special little prayer for him...and for his momma that she doesn't worry too much. ;-)

Woo hoo for finishing page 11! Sorry to read that you had to do some frogging first. Yuck!

Looking forward to 'em when ya' can. :)
You gotta keep pushing to get the help you know your child needs. Sometimes it's hard but don't give up! The panda cupcake sounds cute - you'll have quite a collection soon, won't you?!

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